Night tours

This tour offers a unique and appealing way to explore the city of lights.
Like all ancient cities, Paris has had its share of strange events, magical sightings, miracles, curses and unsolved spectacular crimes.

With your guide you’ll travel through the ages and rediscover the most wonderful and historical neighbourhoods, as you try to solve the incredible urban legends that bewildered Parisians!


Go out in the trendiest and liveliest spots in Paris! We'll start off by going to a selection of the best bars – bars with artistic venues, DJs or dance floors, luxurious ones, hype ones – and finish off, dancing, flirting, in the most fashionable clubs. To keep up with the ever changing Parisian nightlife this tour takes in different stops every month so you spend a fun and unforgettable evening in the newest and most fashionable clubs and bars.

For example, here is our "Marais" route: We go to Andy Walhoo to enjoy exotic cocktails in its psychedelic décors, to the Beaubourg café and its superb heated sidewalk terrace, at la Belle Hortense literary wine bar, a wonderful old fashion wooden bar where you can savour an exceptional Bordeaux wine and chat with young writers and editors, le Tresor lounge bar to rub elbows with models and the European jet-set and La Perla the favourite bar of Parisian designers, clubbers, actors and producers. If you're still up to it, we finish off the night either at the club Gibus or at the Favela Chic, a new Parisian favourite that offers an eclectic pop-rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, and Latino sound, or at the mythical Bains Douches, where Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Prince, Kate Moss and Jack Nicholson go when in Paris.
Average prices for drinks: coffee 2.20 euros, bier 3.50 euros, coke 3.50 euros, martini 3.20 euros, brandy 2.20 euros, glass of wine 4 euros, cocktails 8 euros

MONDAY to SUNDAY 9 PM to 12.30 AM
> What clients say about this tour
"We simply had a great night out. We went out in places we would never have been able to find by ourselves!"
David S.

PARIS NIGHT TOUR: Discover the right bank!
The Night Tour is simply incredibly romantic. Paris by night is the way to experience de city of light and it’s magical atmosphere.
Notre Dame
Hear how this marvellous gothic cathedral was built and learn how Paris can trace its roots to the Ile de la Cité. We arrive at sunset so have your camera ready, the lighting is spectacular!
Iles Saint Louis
Visit this luxurious island as we tell you about the early history of Paris. We stop at the Pont St. Louis, which provides one of the most beautiful vistas the city has to offer.
The Marais
This is a truly breathtaking place at night. You’ll feel as if you’d been transported back to the middle ages. This guided walk takes you to atmospheric old streets, medieval and renaissance palaces, leafy squares and hidden courtyards, and regales you with anecdotes of colourful characters who lived here, dissolute duchesses and aristocratic poisoners to name but a few.. Also see the incredible contemporary centre Pompidou and the surprising Fontaine Stravinsky designed by artist Nikki de Saint Phalle.


Don’t miss out on the most important of French experiences: GREAT food!
We will make reservations so that every night you have a unique, unforgettable, truly Parisian dining experience. We’ll give you a complete picture of Paris dining today, one that will keep you coming back to this city for the food alone. We charge 30 euros to make the reservations for as many nights as you please. The restaurants will be between 30 and 40 euros per person.