Teenager tours

Young women fashion tour
A favourite with teenagers and their mom. We take you to the places that only the savviest Parisian teenagers know about:

  • The hippest French teenage brands
  • The favourite leisure wear of savvy Parisians teenagers on a budget
  • Sample sales where the most fashionable brands sell last year's collection at a discount of up to 70%

    MONDAY to SATURDAY 10.45 AM to 1.45 PM

    Young accessorize tour
    Another major favourite! We check out great funky affordable shops for:

  • Fabulous bags (everyday handbags, dressy handbags, funky handbags, backpacks, side packs….)
  • Terrific shoes (tennis shoes, dressy shoes, flat shoes, shoes with heels, boots, sandals…)
  • The greatest jewellery ever (delicate necklaces, unique earrings, funky bracelets, gorgeous rings….)

    MONDAY to SATURDAY 2.45 PM to 5.45 PM

    This tour offers a unique and appealing way to explore the city of lights.

    Like all ancient cities, Paris has had its share of strange events, magical sightings, miracles, curses and unsolved spectacular crimes.

    With your guide you’ll travel through the ages and rediscover the most wonderful and historical neighbourhoods, as you try to solve the incredible urban legends that bewildered Parisians!

    MONDAY to SUNDAY 5 PM to 8 PM