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Sandra's photo : from Not a tourist destination toursSandra is a professional tourist . Her parents being diplomats and UN officials she's been traveling since she was born. Half French, half Argentinean she's lived in England, France, Spain, Ireland, Holland, the United States, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela. After her international business studies she became a strategic planner for the French fashion and beauty firms, as well as the movie and music industry: Her job was to travel the world to report on the latest fashion and beauty trends so that firms and artists could know what the next craze would be and get inspired.
   Sandra has now settled in Paris and her love of this beautiful Capital, her ability to uncover the new, the unique and the offbeat and her hand-on knowledge of the experiences a traveler to a new country will crave for has grown into a business idea. Established in 2004, with its headquarters at 32 rue Pastourelle, in the historic neighborhood of Le Marais, Not a Tourist Destination Tours' mission is to help you make the best of your visit to Paris.
   We offer food, shopping, nightlife and cultural experiences "off the beaten path" through Paris' most wonderful and historical neighborhoods. We deliver top-notch personalized services that will make you feel pampered and unique and our tours take you to places that very few people have access to: little known architectural and gastronomic gems of Paris, exclusive art exhibits, private sales, artist show rooms, wholesale shops, sample sales and select clubs where you never have to queue. We take it to heart that you experience the excitement of adventure and discovery that a meticulous crafted tour can offer.